What We Do

What We Do

We call on special markets located primarily in the U.S. and Canada with added emphasis on Costco Wholesale and the Dollar markets.

As it pertains to Costco Wholesale, we work all regional offices in the U.S. as well as the corporate headquarters in Issaquah, Washington. We also work with Costco Business Centers, Costco International, and Costco e-Commerce.

Our company represents a varied product mix, which fills the needs of our extremely diverse customer base. We are important to our customers because we represent multiple factories that make multiple products for each buyer. We have more than one reason to see several buyers in each office.

Our company helps create products that fit the needs of our customer base. "Special Markets" have special needs. We understand those needs and focus our business to maximize our factories' and our company's efforts.

Our Mission

  • To be the "Go To" organization for vendors to determine what business opportunities exist, or can be created from a vendor principal's manufacturing capabilities, for special markets beyond their focus.
  • To be the "Go To" organization for our customers who have needs for a product that isn't being fulfilled by their vendor base. We will search out a vendor who can provide that item, and will help the vendor create the item.
  • To provide "beyond the best expected" customer service for our vendor principals and our customers. To never have our partners in business call us a second time for information they need.
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