Our People

Bob Bowser

Bob Bowser has been selling in Southern California since 1972. Many of the buyers and merchandisers he has worked with through the years are high level executives with our customers today. Bob is president and our director of special markets, Western region. He also manages several of our top brands and the development of products for our channels of trade.

Claudia Santoyo

Claudia Santoyo is our Corporate Executive Assistant and directs our customer service operations. She has a very good understanding of our customers' needs and manages the day-to-day office functions of our company.

Elaine Bowser

Elaine Bowser is our Market Development Manager. She is working with new customers in new and existing channels. Elaine also handles the day-to-day selling to the discount wholesalers in Los Angeles.

Ike Kyriazis

Ike Kyriazis came on board in December 1998 to open our East Coast office. Ike has worked for The Gillette Company, Cities Service Oil Company and The Zippo Lighter Company before getting into the broker business. Ike is our director of special markets, Eastern Region. His focus is on Costco Wholsale.

Shelly Kyriazis

Shelly Kyriazis is Ike's wife, and is a major part of our East Coast Team. She administers the office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Daryl Walz-Jones

Daryl Walz-Jones came to our company in December of 2009. He is our Vice President of Sales, and is working in that capacity for all channels of trade. Daryl also manages several of our product brands and works with our vendor principals on developement of their product capabilities for our special markets.

Michael Klein

Michael Klein joined our team on March 17, 2014. He is currently responsible for developing new items and sales materials in conjunction with our newest vendor partners. Also, he will be focusing his sales efforts on the e-commerce businesses of our customer base. An additional responsibility of his will be to bring substance to our own brand, “Better Idea Foods.”


We brought Joy in as our Pet Specialist. She's in charge of critiquing dog toys, dog treats, and other pet accessories. She's a team player and really enjoys her work. Also, she lets us know when the mailman arrives with a resounding "WOOF"!

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